Generate Leads Online To Help Your Business Get Started After Lockdown

Generate Leads Online To Help Your Business Get Started After Lockdown

Is Your Business Prepared For Life After Lockdown? 

It is no secret that getting back on track will be a challenge for companies. The only advantage is that everyone is stuck at home and spend a lot of time on the internet. Therefore, companies can reach different markets online. If your strategy involves taking this opportunity to sell online, you might want to reconsider. If we are realistic chances are, people don’t have money to buy your goods and services right now. Some of them are getting salary cuts while some are not getting paid at all. And if you are selling b2b services, some businesses are not even making money right now.
So why not try a different approach? You can use this time to build your online reputation and generate leads online instead of trying to make sales. That way, you will create a new database of potential clients that you can start selling to after lockdown. Here’s how you can make the most of this lockdown.

1. Connect With Your Target Audience Online

Since the plan is to generate leads online and focus on creating a new database, the first step is to connect and engage with your target audience. Your need to blend in and get to learn about them more so that you know how you can give them the best offers that they won’t refuse. Here are some tips on how you can connect with your audience.

a) Post Regularly On Social Media: you need to be more engaging for your targeted audience to notice you. Therefore, you need to be part of the conversations. You can do this by joining different social media groups where your target audience is. You also need to comment as your business on trending topics so that you can boost your appearance.

b) Create webinars: you can host webinars and build your relationship with your audience. You can also make how-to-videos and teach them how to use your products.

c) Write Articles or Blog Posts: have you ever heard of the phrase “out of sight, out of mind”? That’s what happens when you don’t keep your audience informed. Keeping up an appearance is very important for your company’s reputation.
By using the above methods, you build a strong relationship with your audience and boost your online reputation.

2. This Is How You Generate Leads Online

After relationships are established with your audience, you can start giving offers, deals, and promotions that will be available to them after the lockdown. For example, if you a real estate agency and you rent out the property, you can offer your audience a ‘1st-month rent free’ promotion that is available after the lockdown. You can collect the details of those showing interest by including a short form they can fill to get a coupon code for that promo. And if you offer b2b services, you can go as far as giving favors for favors.
Lastly, you can use this time to stalk your competitors by following their accounts and finding out what they are up to. What are you doing to prepare for life after lockdown?

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