Corporate Website Design Packages

Why Chose Us To Design Your Corporate Website

Professional Design

We will design and develop a website that is in alignment with your business & industry. Our website design packages provides web hosting, domain registration, and emails.

Search Engine Friendly Architect

We will make your site content and design search engine friendly to make it easier for users to find your site using a set of keywords.

Mobile Responsive Framework

We build websites based on HTML5 and Bootstrap Framework which allow your clients to navigate and search for information easily on your website over their mobile devices or computers.

Our Corporate Website Design Portfolio

At TRAFICSA , we believe that your website  is the digital sales office of your business. That is why it is of great importance that your website design align with your brand and industry. And our website design packages offer all that.


We have years of experience in web design and development and have worked with the biggest brands and organisations. Including, 24HR Consulting, Montgommory Medical Aids, Amandla BEE Consulting,  Simelani Medical Aid Consulting, Malan Medical Clinic, 1912radio, and so much more.

Website Maintenance 

The best part is that we don’t only offer web design services but we also offer website maintenance services where we manage your site content, health, marketing, rankings, visitors experience, and more. Thus regular contents updates are critical to a successful website. We will customized a website maintenance package suitable for you business.

Social Media Integrations

Social Media Integration create opportunities to connect with your audience. A popular way to do this is by adding live chat to your website so customers can get immediate responses to their inquiries. We can make it all possible for your business!

Corporate Website Design Packages

With our website design packages, we makes it easy to get your business online.

Lite Package

R 2 522
  • Domain Name Registration
  • 5 Pages
  • 25 Emails
  • 3 Email Signatures
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • SSL Certificate
  • Sitemap Creation
  • FREE SEO Consultation

Premium Package

Most Popular
R 3 285
  • Domain Name Registration
  • 7 Pages
  • 50 Emails
  • 6 Email Signatures
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • SSL Certificate
  • Sitemap Creation
  • FREE SEO Consultation
  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • Social Media Intergrations

Pro Package

Best Choice
R 5 195
  • Domain Name Registration
  • 10 Pages
  • 75 Emails
  • 10 Email Signatures
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • SSL Certificate
  • Sitemap Creation
  • FREE SEO Consultation
  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • Social Media Intergrations
  • Client Login Portal & Dashboard
  • Free Digital Marketing Consultation

How To Choose A Corporate Website Design Company?

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Once you have a short list of possible corporate website design agencies, take the following steps for a successful engagement and getting the best website design packages.

1. Visit the prospective agencies’ own websites. The site a corporate website design agency builds for its own company is a good indication of its design style, capabilities, and technological expertise. Do you like the site overall? Is the site responsive? Does it meet your standards for design aesthetic and ease of use? It’s OK if the design of the site doesn’t exactly reflect your own style—a good web design company will cater to your brand guidelines and style aesthetic, not their own. 

The important thing is that the site looks up to date and is visually pleasing, highly functional, and offers a good user experience. If you expect new content to be part of the website project, look for professional, engaging writing on the company’s web pages and in the blog.  Look at their corporate website design packages and see if they cater to your every need. 

2. Check out some of the websites they’ve built. Many web design firms will have a portfolio section on their website so you can easily see some examples of their work. Are the websites they’ve developed professional-looking and easy to use? Do their featured clients seem comparable to you in terms of size? Do the sites seem similar in scope? Also look at their corporate website design packages and what they feature, as well as their terms and conditions for their services.

3. Call them to talk about your project and set up a meeting. Pay attention to how they handle the call—are they accessible and friendly? Do they ask questions about your company and the details of the project, or do they immediately launch into a hard sell? This is a company you will be working with for months, so chemistry is important. 

While the person who answers the phone might not be the one you end up dealing with the most (or at all) once you have signed on as a client, that person still reflects the overall personality of the company, so be sure it feels like a good fit. Request  corporate website design packages to be sure that you can afford their rates and understand their terms and conditions.  Always remember to ask these questions:

What steps would the project involve?

What their answer will tell you: An experienced web design agency will be able to quickly and comprehensively go through each step of the process and explain how things will work and what you should expect. Unless you have already given them a very firm idea of what the project will entail, they probably won’t be able to give you an exact time or cost quote, but they might be able to give you a range. And if they corporate website design packages they will explain each package to you and advise on the best one for your brand.

What happens if we want to make changes or updates to the website after the project is complete?

What their answer will tell you: A full-service web design agency should include a basic training session for your team to explain how things work and show how to make changes and updates. Have a list of things you think you’ll need to update fairly frequently (events, forms, page content, etc.) and ask which of these things will be editable in the content management system. 

For changes that require programming or design help, the company should provide a quote for the amount of time the change will take, and a rate for the work. In their corporate website design packages they should mention if they include or exclude website management and maintenance.

Do you do ongoing digital marketing?

What their answer will tell you: A lot of effort goes into building a website, but just as much effort goes into optimizing it, promoting it, measuring its performance, and making improvements. Unless you have an in-house digital marketing team ready to take over every aspect of digital marketing once your new website is complete, look for a web design firm that also specializes in digital marketing and check out not only their corporate website design packages but also their digital marketing packages, so you can be sure that the new website is delivering the results you want. 

Ideally, the selected agency’s team would be available to you should you wish to deepen your engagement with ongoing digital marketing or periodic enhancements or refreshes. Also ask if you can purchase any of their digital marketing packages other than the corporate website design packages. 

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